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Who needs web hosting and why? To put up a website you need a host. So unless  you are not interested about putting up a website then you can say you do not  need to know what web hosting is. Unfortunately businesses, especially small to  medium enterprise that are not putting up a website is sorely losing customers  to its more digitally updated peers. This makes putting up a website critical  for business growth.

Analogy of the mall and the host serverhosting

Seeing the benefit of having a website what does hosting have to do with  this? Well a website won’t stand without a host or a company that can make the  display of your online store possible. In an actual store setting a shopping  mall is a place where retailers pay for space to open shop. This can be  analogous to web hosting. The hosting server is the mall and the websites are  the stores.

So what is web hosting? It is an outfit that you can sign up with to have  your website displayed and accessed by users.

The two sides of a coin

Just like everything else in life web hosting also has two parts – one is  free the other one is paid. Both have their advantages and choosing one over the  other totally depends on how serious you are about putting up a website.

Free hosting

You may have heard of the saying that goes “nothing in life is free”? Well  this holds true with free hosting services. Although you do not pay any amount  to have your site displayed you are still paying in some other way. First of all  the web host retains the right to put up ads on your site with content you  totally have no control in. Your email address is in danger of being sold for  spamming. On top of this are the limited features that you have to contend  with.

Paid hosting

Just as the term connotes, website owners will be paying for their site to be  displayed. What are its advantages?

Unlimited bandwidth

No annoying ads and spam

More cost efficient

Ensures ROI or return of investment

Seeing the most basic advantages of the two types of web hosting which one  would you choose? Well there is no set answer to this question. It all depends  on the website owner and how he or she wants to achieve the business’ goal but  if you are determined to earn from your online business then Paid hosting is  definitely the wise choice


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