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The Total Core – does it really work?

Published on December 14, 2012 by   ·   No Comments

total coereThe Total Core is an abdominal fitness machine that you may have seen  advertised on shopping channels or other infomercials. In this short article, I  shall review the Total Core (extra or Deluxe versions) and discuss whether it  works or not. I hope this will provide you with the ability to make an informed  decision about this fitness machine.

The Total Core is sold as a machine that’s able to tone and trim your belly  and waistline. These statements are important and revealing as the machine is  not portrayed as one that can make you lose belly fat. This is likely the case  as it is known that no ab exercises can specifically target and burn off belly  fat. Indeed, it is nearly impossible to spot reduce fat with any exercise. You  lose fat from your body in its entirety and not from any specific body part.

This means that if you have belly fat to lose, using this machine by itself  will not be enough to get optimal results. You will need to follow a healthy and  sensible diet plan that’s focused on fat loss and you will likely need to pursue  other forms of exercise, those that will help you shed more body fat faster and  more efficiently than just crunches. There is a diet manual that comes with the  machine, but you may need more to really get results.

Crunches are the exercise that the Total Core helps you do. You sit in the  machine, rest your back against the supporting frame with its cushions and  perform a regular crunch. At the back of the Total Core, there are a number of  coils that help you do the crunch. In particular, there’s this point of maximum  resistance when you raise your upper body during a crunch that some people find  hard to overcome. These coils will help you get over that point.

However, there are people who say that a crunch should only be performed  until you reach that point and no further. In addition, the fact that the  exercise becomes easier also reduces the amount of stimulation your ab muscles  receive and so may reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.

The Total Core is marketed as a machine that can help support your back and  neck and so reduce the stress a crunch may create on those body parts. It is  true that the Total Core supports your back but as your head is not supported by  the rest (for people of a certain height), the neck support is doubtful.

There’s no doubt that you can get a workout by using this machine. The Total  Core does work your abs. However, to get optimal results may require more.


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