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Save Money on Your Gas and Electricity Prices by Comparing Tariff Types

Published on January 20, 2013 by   ·   No Comments

d4After a long time staying at around the same level, energy prices are now  starting to rise again the in the UK, and will probably continue for the  immediate future. It’s not the best market for consumers right now, but luckily  you can still find good deals if you keep your searches online and make sure to  take advantage of all the quick and easy ways to save money, such as making sure  to pay for your bills using direct debit and opting for paperless billing to  save a few pounds every month. The best way to arm yourself as gas and  electricity prices continue to rise is to make sure you know exactly how the  different tariffs’ work, so here’s a quick rundown of the most popular ways to  pay for electricity.

Online tariffs: For those of us that have easy access to a computer and an  internet connection, getting an online tariff can be the best way to save money  on your energy bill. Companies love to save money by not sending out paper  bills, and they pass some of that saving on to the consumer. Plus, you’re doing  your bit for the environment as well. On top of this, you can save a pretty  large amount when comparing energy deals online because energy companies know  that so many people compare prices and so have to make sure their online rates  are competitive. Usually you’ll receive confirmation that you bill is ready to  view by email, and you can always print the bill out afterward if you want a  copy for your records.

Single fuel: A single fuel tariff is when you get your gas and electricity  from different suppliers. It’s what any household that doesn’t have pipeline gas  will be on, but generally it’s not the cheapest deal if you do have a gas line.  Most of the time getting both gas and electric from one supplier is cheaper and  easier, but this isn’t the case every single time, so check out your own  situation by doing a postcode search on a comparison website to find out what  sort of deal you could get.

Dual fuel: Dual fuel tariffs have become very popular in the last few years,  and energy companies have begun to offer more and more incentives to keep  customers loyal. On a dual fuel system both your gas and electricity comes from  the same provider. This can lead to some substantial savings and they are  usually the best all round package for most homes although in some rare  situations a single fuel deal might work out cheaper.

Green: If you’re concerned about the impact your energy use has on your  environment but still want to make sure you’re getting a decent deal, taking a  look at green energy packages is a good idea. Almost every provider offers some  sort of green package, but some put more effort into them than others. These  deals usually match your energy consumption from renewable sources, but make  sure whatever green package you choose is making a difference in the areas you  think are important. For anything ‘extra’ on most green packages you should  expect to have to pay extra on your monthly bill


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