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Personal Injury Lawyers – How to Choose One?

Published on December 14, 2012 by   ·   No Comments

HowLaw firms and attorneys nowadays choose to advertise their services widely  over the internet, print and electronic media, as well as in yellow page  listings. It is easy to get confused by all these ads.

When you require the services of personal injury lawyers for medical  malpractice cases (usually), you need to hire a specialist and not somebody you  have seen on a television ad. The following guideline will help you select the  right kind of personal injury attorney for your case.

Area of Practice

A lawyer who deals with taxes or divorce or is an immigration attorney or  real estate attorney will not be able to help you out with this type of lawsuit.  You want someone who’s legal practice it is to settle personal injury cases.

Stay away from paralegal, a part time and general practice attorneys.

Going to Trial

In majority of the cases, insurance companies are reluctant to pay up for  damages and it is the job of your attorney to extract compensation from them.  Just another reason you hire a law firm who knows how these insures work and  what they will settle which can increase your chances of getting more money.

Medical Aspect

A good personal injury lawyer will know about all the medical aspects of  personal injury laws and will posse understanding of the medical treatment(s)  that your injuries may require. They will also be able to direct you to local  rehab services and other resources you will need to access while you are  injured.

An example will help illustrate this point better. In a court of law it is  tough and challenging to prove back or neck injuries sustained through medical  negligence.

Conventional diagnostic imaging may not help much and spinal medical concepts  are difficult to explain and understand in a legal atmosphere.

However, advancements in technology can help to establish your case in court.  But to make that possible, your lawyer needs to be in tune with all the  treatment options and diagnostic procedures that are being invented in the field  of spine medicine.

Asking Questions

When consulting a personal injury attorney in the initial phase, ask him some pertinent questions related to your case and personal injury cases in general after presenting him with all the necessary documentation. If he can provide satisfactory answers to all your questions, you may hire him to represent you.


Sometimes a family member or friend or colleague or some other person you  know and trust might be able to refer competent and skilled attorney who can  help you out.

Always ask for references and always call them.

The point here is just don’t go out and hire someone’s brother-in-law who  happens to be a lawyer, do your research. If these type of legal matters aren’t  handled by experienced law firms they may result in you not only having to  suffer emotionally and physically but can be devastated financially as well.

Don’t take any chances this is a far too important matter. Thanks again for  listening and all the best in finding the right representation


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