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Personal Injury – Dog And Animal Attacks

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Commonly, most people think of animal attacks in terms of dog bites, but dogs  are not the only animals that can pose a threat or cause injury to a person.  Birds are able to inflict severe pain and cause damage by biting. Cats can also  be the direct cause of injury to adults and children. Smaller pets, such as  ferrets, gerbils, chinchillas, rats, and other pets can cause injuries as well.  Plus, occasionally people have less common animals as pets – such as large cats,  certain breeds of monkeys, and other typically wild animals. The injuries caused  by dog and animal attacks vary greatly in severity, and the injured party may be  entitled to compensation for such an attack.

It is always a good idea to seek legal advice when trying to determine if you  are eligible for compensation due to dog and animal attacks. The liability of  the animal owner will vary by jurisdiction, and an experience legal professional  will be able to help determine the details of a personal injury case.

The injured party will need to be able to prove that the animal responsible  for the attack was owned and cared for by the defendant in the case. In cases  past, the injured party was responsible for proving that the animal was  dangerous or that the owner knew the animal posed a particular threat. However,  it is more common these days that the animal’s owner can be proven negligent for  not properly containing or adequately restraining an animal whether or not the  animal was known to be vicious or dangerous. In most cases, the injured party  will receive compensation if it is discovered and proven that the owner of the  animal was aware that the animal was dangerous or vicious and did nothing to  properly restrain or contain the animal. Pet owners are required to take  measures to protect the public from a pet or animal that has proven to be  vicious, dangerous or difficult to control. When a pet owner fails to take the  measures necessary to protect the public, then he or she can be held liable for  injuries caused by that dangerous or vicious animal.

In the case a person who possesses animals that are typically classified as  wild animals, the person owning such animals are generally found liable for  injuries caused by such animals. Whether the person owns big cats, skunks,  raccoons, bears or even monkeys, these animals are assumed to be dangerous and  are not typically domestic pets. Owners of such pets may be held responsible for  injuries caused by these animals.

If you or someone you know are the victim of a dog or animal attack due to  negligence, then you are eligible for compensation. To submit your claim or  receive advice on your issue, speak to experts at Injury Law Oklahom


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