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Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

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Enrolling in an online criminal justice degree program can get you started in  a career that is exciting and meaningful.

Criminal Justice Careers

The criminal justice field offers a wide variety of careers- from local level  law enforcement to State and Federal agencies and private sector law  enforcement. A career in law enforcement will allow you to make a difference  whether you are a youth probation officer or an FBI agent.

One of the things that attract people to online criminal justice programs is  their desire to help people. Often criminal justice is a second career for those  who have found their first career to be unsatisfying. Entering the criminal  justice field is an important step. An online degree program in criminal justice  can get you there.

Some of the more common criminal justice occupations are described in short  below. The usual educational requirements needed for each job is listed. For  further information you may want to refer to the U.S. Department of Labor  website and check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook for specific jobs.Degree1

Corrections Officer- Corrections officers work in jails, penitentiaries, and  prisons with persons convicted of crimes or who have been arrested and are  awaiting trial. Most work in State and Federal facilities with inmates. Prison  workers in most State and all Federal prisons must attend college (States 2-4  years, Federal 4 years) and have previous related job experience to be  considered for employment. Localities may or may not require any college. There  are many criminal justice degree programs online.

Crime Scene Investigator- A crime scene investigator gathers and analyzes  evidence at crime scenes. They must be trained in investigative procedures  including finding, handling and preserving crime evidence. Some investigators  are trained in forensic science and some are sworn police officers. Most crime  scene investigators are graduates of 4 year criminal justice programs. There are  also associates degree programs. Both are offered online.

ATF Agent- An Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Special Agent works for the  Federal agency ATF to investigate criminal violations relating to explosives,  firearms, arson, alcohol and tobacco. These agents are also involved in  preventing and fighting terrorism and investigate unexplained explosions and  bombings. Qualifications are very stringent regarding physical and mental  fitness and character. There are several grades of special agents, requiring  from 4 years of college at the least to a masters degree. Previous investigative  experience is also required.

Court Reporter- Court reporters are responsible for the word for word  transcript of court and other legal proceedings. There are several accepted  means of recording, each which require specialized training. Education required  is 1 to 2 years, depending on recording method. Court reporters must have  attended programs that have been approved by the National Court Reporters  Association (NCRA). There are several online programs approved by the NCRA.

Probation Officer- A probation officer and the related occupation parole  officer supervise and monitor the activities of offenders who have been placed  on probation or parole. Both work with offenders to create probation or post  release plans and then evaluate their progress. Both have the goal of  rehabilitating an offender and returning the offender to society. Probation and  parole officers need a 4-year college degree at the minimum. There are online  programs that will fulfill this requirement.

Police Officer- Police officers work for local and State police departments.  Their job is to


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